The EYE partnership will overall examine what quality means and in particular in relation to the themes of

  • equality and diversity within provisions
  • early language acquisition
  • transition points in a child’s learning and development

We will approach these themes through

  • Project meetings between all institutions of the partnership
  • Observing and understanding each other’s practice (observation visits)
  • exchanges of staff (job shadowing weeks)
  • shared conferences and workshops (November 2010, November 2011, March 2012)
  • setting up this web site to showcase the work of the project
  • Exchanging the perception of what constitutes good practice in Early Years
  • Drafting, publishing and disseminating documentation related to the project activities
  • Joint self-evaluation activities
  • Planning and setting up a Comenius INSET training
  • Planning a Leonardo mobility scheme for students in early years
  • Stimulating future co-operation between schools from both regions